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Sourdough Workshops

NEW at Studio 561!

Learn the secrets to successful sourdough baking

with Baby's Breads/Mary Oliver 

The workshops will begin with a brief discussion of levain and the benefits of a long fermentation. We will talk about techniques and maintenance for your sourdough starters with a brief demonstration on how to “feed” this living culture. Each participant will get a batch of dough, transforming it through a series of stretches and folds, eventually leading to what will become your own sourdough loaf. We will shape the loaves together in class, and you will bake them later that day (in your own home). Fresh sourdough starters will be provided in jars for each participant to TAKE HOME along with their shaped loaf.

Due to limited seating these are register in advance events. 

Participants are asked to bring in a thin kitchen/tea towel and a deep bowl or colander approximately 8 inches in diameter to transport your shaped dough home. Alternatively, participants may purchase a proofing basket and muslin cloth locally or online. 

Minimum age is 14 years unless individual has previous baking experience. 

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Contact Mary Oliver with questions - or (530) 570-6071

Also available for Private Parties!

About Mary Oliver

My love of baking started as a small child, baking alongside my Mother. The smell of fresh baked goods would permeate the house and I couldn't wait to get a piece of deliciousness.

Jump forward a few years (ahem, perhaps more than a few) and my love of baking hasn't waned.

After several months of trial and error baking, I have perfected my recipe. I was asked repeatedly to teach others my method and felt I was ready to impart my sourdough wisdom after winning Best Of Show at the 2019 Silver Dollar Fair. I can’t wait to share my joy and experience in my classes.