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Corporate Workshops

Team Building - Stress Management - Customer Appreciation Events

Build morale among co-workers and self-appreciation through embracing the process of painting. By being present and focused in a relaxed way allows the mind to see alternative ways to problem solve, while reducing stress and anxiety and increase productivity.

Painting workshops provide a great opportunity for teams to socialize with one another while unleashing their inner artists to engage in more creative thinking. It can also be a great way to get team members to work together toward a fun goal.

Whether it is a two hour class, a one or two day workshop, the process of opening up the creative pathways will begin a journey that overflows with positivity. Participants will be guided, step-by-step through paintings, learn to care for their tools and to understand the artists’ view of the world. They will learn to quiet the mind, slow down the urgency to complete as they allow themselves to enjoy the process. More, they will remember to listen to their inner prompts and trust that their innovative right brain and their logical left can merge to create enhanced problem solving and reduce stress in the process.

Two Hour Class
During the two hours, Christine will lead the artists through an entire painting step-by-step. This is a great team-building or stress reduction activity that focuses on what CAN be done rather than what problems stand in the way. It is often held as a customer appreciation event or in addition to workshops or corporate training.

One or Two Day Workshop(s)
Participants will receive their own supplies as part of this workshop. The goal is to learn new tools for approaching life and work and, to take them home with them! Christine will lead the class with a fun, letting-go-of-disbelief activity to be followed by step-by-step painting classes. In a two day workshop, the final project will involve participants creating a painting from scratch. These workshops begin the process of breaking down the “I can’t” belief and rebuilding a firm “I can!” in its place.

“Our company sponsors one or two “Team Painting” classes a year with Christine MacShane and have found that the classes tend to enhance camaraderie among the staff and also help with stress reduction”. -Tracie Fox, North State Radiology
“Those who attend these team buildings tend to be more engaged and open to their own creativity while at work. We plan to make this a regular event for our team”.   -Kelly Bennett, CPO, AMain Sports & Hobbies
"Best art studio in Chico! Relaxing, easy going, multi medium opportunities, open day and evenings, private parties....what more can you ask for? Oh, a wonderful, talented owner, instructor. So happy to have found Studio 561 for my artistic endeavors"! - Rene Christenson
"Amazing and energetic . I have never painted before and she helped bring out in me something beautiful"! - Jewls Gardner

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Private Classes/Parties
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