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Children & Youth Online Art classes

What to expect - Christine will be teaching step-by-step drawing and painting (watercolor) classes for children of all ages. Each class is designed to allow the child to follow at their own ability and the freedom to expand or edit as they choose. Innovation is encouraged. Each class will be up to one hour, with the understanding that the younger the child, the faster they will complete the work at their level. The mission is to foster an interest and enthusiasm in their creative endeavors while learning WHY they are doing WHAT they are doing. With that in mind, each class will focus on a new element of the construction and skills needed to complete each piece. This will build confidence and give a sense of achievement as they learn to develop their art skills without comparing to others. 

If your child is not challenged by these classes perhaps they would like to attend Christine’s other on-line classes.

It is strongly suggested that parents allow the child to experience some level of frustration and have them direct their questions to Christine. It is part of how we learn and, unless your child has anxiety or is in need of special care, (you are welcome to email Christine prior to class so that she is attentive to this) it is a great time to step back and take a break while they paint.

Class fees are per viewing regardless of number of people at each viewing site. It is a live class only. 

Materials - suggested only (we will work with whatever you have on hand)

Watercolor paints (in pan style is better for child use)

Watercolor brushes 1” flat.  #6 #2 round

Watercolor paper 140lb is great 9”x11” or smaller

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Additionally we will make use of

  • White candle

  • Salt (course)

  • Rubbing Alcohol in spray bottle

  • Sea sponge

  • Paper towel

  • Cling wrap