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Spring is getting pushy. Daffodils that were not there yesterday are finding their way above the leaf crusted soil and are ready to shake off the cold. Is it my imagination, or do the trees look slightly greener on their tips than last week? Not true spring, but just a reminder that it's time to mulch those leaves in and that the days are getting a wee bit longer to do it in! It is also a perfect time of year to get out and try for some painting and sketching photo references. Just sayin... soft lighting, interesting slhouettes and, an abundance of subjects.
I think painting and drawing what is in our daily life not only makes our lives much more interesting, but helps us recognize the art in it all. It's easy to see the creative genius in a beautiful sunset and the lush bounty of a rose bush in bloom. It's nature in your face. How about the design and clean lines of your teapot? The hours of reworking it took to create the perfect hubcap? And don't get me started on the many ways to make a great cup of coffee! Such design! Notice the reflections and what I thought was grey not! It's a soft blue with brown... just needed to look at it differently. hmmmm
Like anything, good painting and drawing are the results of doing it...again ... eventually all the things we were told or tell ourselves about how "we can't draw a straight line" or "I'm no artist" begin to dissolve and we start to notice things and start to have fun ...again. Sure, there are things to learn, but if we allow those things to come in layers, we can let them have their time and push to the surface much as the daffodil in late winter... Just showing up when all the chill is gone.