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Wednesday, December 26th. 2108

My arch nemesis (and teacher) in life is the word HOW. It’s the one word that people create speaking tours about and sell books on and, that never looks like the picture on the box.

A few years ago I had wanted to travel again and in particular, wanted to go to Spain. Out of the blue, friend made me an offer I couldn’t refuse; she’d pay for the expenses if I could get my plane fare. Holy mackerel! The very next day my mother called and asked if there was any way I might be able to come and visit in Australia. I hadn’t seen her in years and there as no way I could say that I’d be in Spain instead. Trust me, I spent days searching for airfares to Australia via Spain!

Each day the knot in my stomach turned a degree tighter. It was a sure sign I was over-thinking and trying to make a choice I was not meant to make. I chose my mum and was glad of it.

A few weeks later, another friend, who actually lived in Spain, (see how things work? So specific!) asked if I might consider coming to Spain in the summer and house-sitting for her. Oh my! I said yes.

So, now I had two trips in one year and absolutely no idea how I would make it happen. I had studio and house rent, expenses and needed the payments for while I was away and there as well. There was no way I could figure out the HOW.

Another phone call later and I had been signed on to do 5 murals and several other miscellaneous jobs outside of the studio! I paid for my tickets and worked full on until my plane pulled out of the airport.

Sometimes HOW shows itself ahead of things, most times I have to ….TRUST.

It’s all very well to bandy that word around, but it’s not so easy when you are “master of your destiny”, “planner of your plans”... and all that.

So here I sit on the brink of another year with a hefty shove from this last year leaving me (like so many) teetering on the edge of new THINGS.

But that’s what we (humans) do best...TRUST.

We trust that the other driver won’t run the red light. We trust that the cookies will turn out; after all, we followed the recipe and, we trust that if we follow directions the toy will look like the picture on the box. I’ve found that more often than not it doesn’t look like it at all, but even more often, it turns out so much better!

So here’s cheers to new things - trusting - rearranging the recipe and enjoying the ride! 2018, you gave us your best shot and paved the way

for HOW to take it from here.