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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday, November 19,2017.

There is something about the autumn that gets me all circadian, forest dwelling, root foraging and comfort fooding. All summer I run feral with a salad or two in the fridge and at least one shelf completely barren as I skip through the hot months, mostly outdoors and eating fresh. Now though, with the last of a friend’s tomatoes baking in the oven along with a tray of yams, I am already planning a series of soups a la slow cooker. It’s time to slow down and nourish.

I guess in a way I am in my autumn years. The slow down and nourish years. I have trouble doing both but, I can’t say I consider it too much of a problem. I like being. I like doing. I prefer to create it than watch it and, I love being part of it as much as being apart from it. It’s that whole balance thing again. That, I am getting better at! Balance. Saying “No.” Saying “Yes...but…” and letting go.

Autumn, it turns out, is a great time to let go. I have to let go of all those outside plans I just didn’t get done (because it was too hot and - then it rained). I have also noticed that the world really does just keep on turning whether I get it done or not and generally, I get to go along for the ride either way.

I think that the earth is also in her autumn years. I think she needs the nurturing and the balance as much as we do, because the results of hard living are far more devastating in our autumn years. You can get away with late nights and cardboard food for a while, but it piles up eventually and decays. So, here we are… at that edge that separates good from evil, nurture from… well...evil.

It’s as though the lines of what is good and bad have become much more distinct in the last decade. The people who are about themselves, their needs and above all - being right are clearing the land for battle. They, after all, must get everything they want before they die and that includes winning. Winning what? Don’t take mine...your what? This thing that makes you bigger than me? The money that you’ll die for? You’ll win to do...what? I guess it’s fear. It’s greed and it’s sad, but it is the nature of the beast.

Then there are those of us that strive to have enough, to support the person near us and to live as though, one day we will die and leave….what? What do we leave? The winter is ahead. What we do now to nourish ourselves and, as we can’t stay healthy if we run with the sick; nourish each other, will determine what kind of winter we can survive.

I read an article about a big sting in Canada that rescued over 300 children from a devastating child pornography empire. What we need to talk about are the thousands of men who are participating. Where are their photos? Who are they? Where is the web site that we can check to see their faces? Public shaming has it’s merits.

I have a lot of questions today. What happens to make a person willing to step across the line and choose to carve away at another, take their things and win at all costs, literally or figuratively when, as winter comes, so too does their own end?

We have this time here. Just our little portion. We have enough and, if we all shared a little more of that, we’d have too much. But, as history tells us, balance is the hardest thing to achieve. Perhaps that is why we are here.

This Thanksgiving I am mindful of the people in my life (who are more numerous than I could have imagined)  who share my life through art, through friendship and through love and, who nurture. They remind me to slow down. They bring their last tomatoes to the studio for all to share and they understand the difference between nurture and winning. I hope I get enough winter days to keep making a difference with them.

My yams are ready. It’s time to shred the chicken and get the day going. Time to keep balancing. Keep the children safe and stop protecting evil. As I see it, they are a miserable lot and don’t ever win - or know peace.