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Spring mural project.

It has been a very busy few months! I have been teaching as usual and am readying for a summer in Spain with Spanish language lessons, which translates to me having everything in my home labelled. My poor son has to labour through conversations with me in my halting "Spanish for Tourists". In addition, I am having the time of my painterly life creating 5 murals for a huge mural project here in Chico. I am really amazed at how fast it is coming together, though I shouldn't be surprised with all the wonderful help I am getting from my friends and students. We have all five murals over the half way mark in only six weeks!

I am enjoyin the process of the mural as well as teaching those that are helping about how to paint on such a large scale. While there are many similarities to painting more modestly, perspective and focal points are different on such a large scale. The painter has to take into account the "average" height of the viewer when deciding on the  vanishing point and perspective of receding lines and structures. The over-all "feel" of the piece is important and where the detail should be phased out. It also happens to be a great workout going up and down the scaffolding!

One of my greatest achievements this spring, is setting the timer on my sprinklers! Yes, I was the one who avoided getting the digital watches in the eighties because I was never able to set the time! So, as you can imagine, it has been a long time coming for me to be able to wrestle this giant and finally figure out how to set the clock!

I apologize, however, for the lack of photos of the mural, but it is early and my tech savvy son is asleep - and I can't figure out how to transfer the photos from Facebook to this blog and I don't think that merits waking him just yet... soon!