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Simple Truths

Simple Truths

In most cases, women over-think things.

The other day I bumped into a gal I hadn’t seen for some years. I had painted her daughter’s room and we were waiting in line at the bakery. After the usual greetings she turned to me and gave me a compliment borne of the awkward silence.

“You look great! Your skin looks so great.”

I thanked her and responded in kind and ordered my son’s birthday cake.

The next morning as I faced the mirror to make up my face for the day I recalled the conversation. I peered into the magnified glass and wondered what she had meant by my skin looking “great”. Had it looked awful before? Did she mean that for-my-age, my skin looked “great”? Did she mean anything at all? Was it just something to fill the space between “Hello, remember me?” and “Bye, nice to have seen you again.”? I had had issues with my skin as a teen. Blemishes and such. I was always quite conscious of not having perfect skin and always needing a little Clearasil before bed. As I aged, I had more on my plate to worry about than the condition of my skin and so, to be brought to a quiet halt over its current status took me a few moments in which to recover. I know my skin is not peaches and cream, nor a baby’s bottom, but its ok. So…I laughed a little and realized that it meant only as much as I made it mean. I had already given it too much of my time and that I had indulged in over thinking to the nth degree. Pointless. I could almost see my gurus nodding approval.

I cannot remember how many times I have gone out on the town in the 80’s thinking I looked pretty good…until the photos were developed and I was appalled at my fashion sense all over again. I have since decided that the photos should be taken before going out so that one will not be disappointed at the end of the evening…adjustments can be made. I might also note that ANY photos from the 80’s are questionable as far as fashion goes and I have since made peace with myself for my wearing lingerie outside my clothing

There are simple truths that we are all living with that a guru slides in front of us like the cold peas left on the side of the plate. They are designed to make life healthier and though they may be unpalatable, they provide a simple and good path.

“The last one out of the bed – makes it.” How can you argue with that?

“Do it right the first time.” That way you won’t die of embarrassment when others look at what you have done from two inches away.

“Do it deliberately.  Do it with intent.” You will be judged as having done so regardless…so make it count.