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Resting Face

Monday August 26th 2019

Resting Face

I parked in my usual spot alongside the east facing wall of the grocery store. It has taken me a few visits to figure out just where to park so that my car lines up with the area on the mural I am working on and the shade. I’ve been tracking the shade for about a week and know now that I can actually start later as the shade drops across the wall midmorning. 

Painting outside in summer is almost as difficult as painting around the rain. The wall heats up and the paint dries on the bush on its way from palette to mural. So, efficiency is key.

As I am making my way from side to side, paint brush in hand, I adjust my “resting face” into a smile. I’ve been practicing this for over ten years now - resting face smile. It has taken me through Los Angeles peak hour traffic and around non-merging vehicles. It has moved me from sadness to peace, anger to calm and from overwhelm to hope just by resetting my face. 

Of course, it doesn’t fix everything, but it does give me time to take another look and to allow other thoughts and possibilities in. A number of years ago I had wondered if our emotions dictated our expressions, could the reverse be true? So far, I would have to say “Yes!”.When I am painting, or writing and I find myself in a frowning pinch face, I straighten up and get the smile on. It’s not a grin, nor is it always obvious; but I can feel it working its magic each and every time. Suddenly the painting comes to life and the writing draws me in. Now, if I could just get that smile on at the gym!