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Patterns ans Stripes

Patterns ans Stripes

Saturday May 12th 2018

By the time we have reached five years old we have figured out the two most important questions in the universe. By the time we reach 50, we have forgotten them.

The two questions are “Why?”  and, “Who said so?”.

Some of you may have caught me wearing stripes with patterns. I don't do it to make a statement, maybe it's because I'm an artist, or just because that's what I wanted to wear that day. I do try to stay on colour palette, mostly. Somewhere, someone said “You can’t do that.” and we forgot to ask “Why?” (“Just No,” is not a good enough answer). Someone along the way told us that we cannot wear white after Labor day, that we shouldn't put patterns and Stripes together, that certain colors shouldn't sit next to each other and, that the color of the year is celery. Most of us have just accepted things as they are and not questioned them. We look with concern on the free thinking until we can tame them.

They make us uncomfortable. “Why?”

We've been told to follow the rules and to assume everything is factual and true and, that this is just the way it has to be. But I like to think that somewhere down the line, a human being decided this is what it's going to be and we listened and didn’t question.

Did you know? That brain death was invented to provide a term to allow human organ harvesting? Up until that time there's no such a word. We make them up all the time. If you've ever taken a class with me you will have heard many new words pop out of my mouth. Very fitting for what we are doing and therefore - memorable. Words like twiggery, dib dab, no poink poink , scumble. If I can make up words that make sense, other people have too; that's how we became the society we have become. It’s essentially a good plan. That way we all have guidelines we choose to live by and I like that.

Of course some things that have been made up by people are perfectly great and acceptable but, I am truly an advocate of thinking for yourself and not letting someone else think for you. It's dangerous to do that.

It's the NOT questioning part that scares me. I question aa often as I can. I ask “why?” and, I always, always, always, ask “who said so?”.

If we can get back to our five-year-old questioning selves, we might actually find some common ground and begin to like each other again. We might find the Wonder in the world and not think that everything's already been done and, we might also find some creative juices still waiting to find a way out to course through our body and … create a life of wonder ourselves.