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Painter's Block

Painter's Block

Like most things in life, it is not always easy to start something new, even if it is something you love to do. Painters face this each time they meet a white stretch of canvas with an idea and a feeling and a palette of paint. I thought I would share a few things I do to make this a much smaller problem than it could be.

  1. Be prepared – I am always collecting photos on my walks, images from magazines and ideas I may sketch out. I keep these in a file so that if I have the yen to paint and need a jump start, I open the file and see what color or image ignites my creativity.
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  3. Clean your palette – When I paint, I generally have paint left over. I use this to “prime” future paintings even without knowing what they may end up being. This way I have several canvases that are no longer big, white vacancies waiting to be filled but paintings waiting to be carved out of color.
  4. Set the scene – Music. Loud. I lock the door, pump up the tunes and start painting!
  5. Play – Sometimes I will work on less “serious” pieces like furniture and crafts until I am ready to start my paintings.
  6. Stay open – This is really the best thing … always. I know I want my painting to look like what I imagined it should, but I have found if I let go of controlling things, I am often able to come up with something that is more than an image … I get an image with energy!

And finally – remember why you are painting. We so often let the end result get in the way of the joy of the moment we create it.