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Our Connections Count...


Sunday March 7,2021

In living with a conscious spiritual practise, it does not flourish in the disconnection from our life, society, or things that are happening around us. Authentic spiritual practise is not strengthened in elevating ourselves above our predicaments, our pain, our confusion, rather, it is in the connection of these things to ourselves and everything else around us that we come to understand our place in it and find our way.

 Peace and tranquility and those moments of Zen are indeed just moments within everything else. It is within the moment that you notice the trees swaying at the very tops. It is within the moment that you watch an entire wave complete its cycle, crashing to the shore and receding. It is in those stolen moments that we find that connection and that prompt us to find it again. That's why we travel. We are so alive and awake when we are somewhere else, watching  and noticing everything that's different and the same all over again. But what if we could do that in our day? What if we could get up a little earlier and watch the city we are in waking as we would if we were tourists? What if we looked at the grass and the trees and the birds around us as though we were in a different land and noticing them for the first time? When we meditate, when we transcend even for a moment beyond our survival, when we pray, when we sing, when we dance, when we make art we are finding that connection. We have so much about us that is alike and things that make us different, including what we surround ourselves with. It is in this connection that we come to see that we are part of it … not the center of it.

 That wisp of a cloud that has been formed from a drop of moisture that has come from a millennia of rain cycles, ice age, storms and perfect waves... is the perfect recycling. How much of us is in that cloud?It is not hard to find the connection because it is all within us as much as we are a part of it. Watching the drops of rain slide off the roof knowing that those drops were here in some form at the time of the dinosaur and before. It's all new -  it's as new as it is old. If we find the connection then we see what love truly means.