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Wednesday, January 2nd 2019

It’s still dark out. 7am and it’s still dark with only a blush of pink edging in the day. Two cups of coffee in ( I really have to stop doing the half decaf thing) and for some reason, I feel solidly in starting position for the New Year...emphasis on ‘starting’.

Philosophically we are always in the NOW moment - the present - the starting place. There have been so many inspirational quotes about being in the now etc, and yet it remains one of the hardest states of mind to maintain. Being here in the NOW while planning my February calendar... wondering what I need to start working on for the Summer months... how to scratch out a few hours to get a book written... more pink in the sky … birds are here for breakfast... what can I do to finally reach my plateau and get past starting?

Aah the illusion of the plateau. I liken it to the feeling I had when in Roatan, being propelled through the water by a couple of obliging dolphins only to be left to haul myself up on the platform after the ride. Suddenly, not only was I no longer weightless, I had taken on water! With a soggy life vest and flippers and the sudden decompression of gravity, I flopped myself up on the platform like a baby beluga and rolled as far as my next breath would allow. Splat! There’s ya plateau.

I know, in that pocket of the brain that knows better, that there is no security - that it is illusion, but I’d like to give it a go and see if I can breathe out as often as I breathe in. I know that thousands lost their retirement after the crash in 2008, that tens of thousands just lost their plateaus in the Camp Fire, that the ripples from that will break the plateaus of many more in the year ahead and, that each new corner brings both opportunity and calamity - both like dolphins breaking the water between us and the platform… that this is the way it is. This is what the NOW is… mostly this, not so much of the plateau.

And yet, I wonder if staying on the platform would be the very thing that prevents me from breathing in again? After all, it is the connection to the dolphins and that ride to the platform that I’d jump in again for, not the slide across it. So, NOW is all there is. And giving each NOW its moment, its impact without comparison to what it could be or should be. Without making the plateau the goal. Time to enjoy the dolphin ride!