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Friday February 5, 2021

One of my all-time favorite movies is #GalaxyQuest Yes it is a funny romp through a Star Trek like Show and the ramifications Simple Actions on a colossal scale . What struck me about this, other than that it is hilarious, is that whole” fake it till you make it” concept. Something by which I have propelled my life forward many times . The Idea that you can put Small Things forward - out into the universe - and that they can come back to you in very interesting and strange ways is a familiar one. This is very much the concept of the creative life (and in life in general of course are they not the same?). We put our self, our dreams, our intentions of who we are and sometimes what we get back is not quite what we expected.

 The fact that one of the few characters that had self-awareness was the guy who had no name and figured he was going to be the one who didn't survive because they always write off the extra . They always killed the off the “unimportant ones”. (Even if his name is Guy.) We all need recognition, it's one of the strongest needs of the human being - to be Recognized.

 I loved that all the characters had to use their on-screen personality to get through the crisis, as well as who they really were to back it up. Isn't that what we are all doing; projecting who we want to be and scrambling to keep up? The part that is most poignant to me is when they are dragging the big net of space debris and mines. I know that we all drag our own mine field behind us as we go through life and, that some of us try to keep a check on it and make sure we can clean it up from time to time. It's inevitable but whether we can see it or not and be responsible for it or not, is the determining factor isn't it? I've had people in my life who dragged enormous minefields and to this day will deny that it is even there! They continue to stare forward as though the path is truly clear if only we could see it. I have learned to dodge their minefield and to stay off their radar. I've also learned, especially recently, to check behind me occasionally to make sure I'm keeping mine in check . I also like the fact that, without being overly saccharin, The characters come back to their lives with their egos checked and a sense of self as well as community. They're part of something bigger than themselves and then, even bigger than that. I have to say though, in all fairness, my favorite scene is when they're trying to get the ship through the parking garage and hitting the walls all along the way. I cannot tell you how many times in my life that picture has come into my mind to explain how I'm getting through things...even to this day. I have learned to laugh along with it...usually once I have cleared the exit!