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Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

Nothing is created nor invented without there first having been failure. We do not learn as deeply without loss and we are not drawn to happy stories as much as those about overcoming struggle. It is the same in painting. Much of what I have learned about paint and making art has come through trial and error and being open to where things may lead me. If I am not in this mind frame then I am in the critical mind, not the creative mind. Part of the process of painting for me is keeping things moving. I stand and move as I paint. I dance. I walk away and come back. All of these are to keep me from standing still and peering at my canvas, looking for mistakes. In this way my perspective is constantly being challenged; I am seeing the whole not a small part in isolation and I remember to breathe.

I am not finished until I am finished.

In this way what may look like an ill placed stroke is able to show me that it has it's place rather than being removed. It gets to stay. Sometimes a painting is made by collecting many mistakes! A friend had asked me to create something for her home. As I was painting, my grand-daughter (much loved by my friend) found some paint and left a very clear hand print in my painting. I called my friend and told her about what had happened and before I could finish the story she had asked that I be sure and leave the little hand in the painting.

Art is all about making choices and trusting that not all mistakes need to go.