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Monday, October 8, 2108

Without doubt, the quietest voice is most often the one of truth. It has also proven to be the hardest one to listen to, not to hear; but to pay heed to. It is the voice of change, the voice of reason and the voice of what we must do.

I have found, that as my life swells up around me and moves me across barriers and onto unsettling footholds, that it is the quiet voice that whispers to stay still, to listen and to let the pieces fall that is the voice that I have to fight to hear.

It is so much simpler to listen to the fear voice. The one that says to stay even though it is killing me, to not change because at least I have this, or to hold off until everything is in place … this is the voice that interrupts and shouts over … and is so very wrong.

Whether it has been a shift in career, people or places in my life, I have learned to listen while the pieces fall and tumble into place like acorns from the trees.

I have thought that others have my answers. That they have a patented knowledge of how to “get there” and that if I follow what they tell me, or if they would just hold my hand long enough, that I would discover what they know. But instead, I sit and listen for the acorns to fall and I follow that.

My success  today looks different from theirs and different again from what I saw years before. I have people in my life who shine light on different parts of it for me and I for them. That’s what we do.

This much I know - that there is no patented path to success, no hand holding and no magic beyond our own… and the power that comes from listening.