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Sunday July 1st, 2018


At some point I have to let go, get up and make it happen or a small part of me withers on the vine. I don’t think it’s only true for creatives, I think it holds true for everyone; it’s a big part of keeping the life force flowing.

I look at NASA and all the work that goes into a single launch and, whether it lifts off or not, they must at least try. What comes back from trying feeds the next go ‘round. What they learn and invent, improve on and eliminate fine tunes the whole package.

I look at successful authors who wrote, edited 457 times and sent out their manuscript, pretending their courage, at least 98 times before being heralded the next best thing to a sandwich!

I look at Howard Hughes and his Spruce Goose; he had to at least launch it one time, just to be sure. All that time and money and innovation trickled out like so many little fires and ignited so many other ideas.

I never know which thing is going to make it past a thought, a conversation or a step forward. I just have to look and see, try a little or a lot and know that if I don’t launch - I won’t know.

Sometimes it is just a painting concept, or even just an urge to pick up red for the sky instead of blue. Sometimes it is, wait for it… having more than one cup of coffee! Woah right!? Who knows what will come of that!?

Sometimes, after all the mental deliberations, the cross checking, the book keeping and the conversations, I just have to follow what is left and launch. It may not ever look like I thought it would, but I do know that there is a door waiting to open that will NOT open unless I set out and launch.

I spent a little less than 6 months in pilgrimage in Burbank a few years ago and, as I launched off the edge, swooshing and flapping my wings on the way down, catching a stray stream of air here and there, I opened many, many interior doors that would never have been available to me without the space and place that that launch gave me. Those insights have strengthened me, made my inner life and journey so much clearer and given me a flashlight for the path as I continue to plod, skip and wander along.

Our people help us to launch. They break the fall. They sort things out and they see the many new lights that trickle from our trying this thing. I will always launch when it feels that that is all that is left to do - because I KNOW that in not doing so - I am not living the life I have.