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Just Say “Yes”

I have taught acrylic painting for over 10 years and have noticed that even those who do not believe they have any artistic leanings know how to paint. My job is to remind them that they do. Seriously. It is a fun and easy thing to do once we step aside and go with the flow.

I had started teaching my step-by-step method and, because I was an enabler, “helped” more than I needed to. As my own life changed direction, I noticed I was able to direct more and “help” less. That was when I noticed something rather intriguing... people only asked me questions that had a “Yes” answer.

  • “Do I need more red?”
  • “Have I muddied my color?”
  • “Should I stop?”
  • “Do I need more shadow?”

Without exception the answer is “Yes”.

What does this mean? I believe that creating art is as much a part of the human experience as any other form of communication and expression. We inherently understand far more about our spoken languages than we are schooled and, I believe we absorb far more about creative expression than we allow ourselves to demonstrate. So many of my students were told at an early age they had no talent or that someone else was a natural and by omission took art off their abilities list. How sad that so many have spent decades believing that they cannot paint! I believe it is in our nature to express ourselves creatively and that it is our soul's way of expressing deeper things. As people paint with me, I see then letting go of supporting the negative belief as they remember what it felt like before they stopped their creative growth.

So, next time you pick up a paintbrush, forget about the end result until you get there and … trust the answer is “Yes”.