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So there are three components to maintaining a creative life that I think are not the only ones, but certainly very important.

In all my years as a creative and as an intuitive, I have learned to always listen for the muse. I always write it down, even if it's drawing just a quick note so that I can come back and find the inspiration. The more I do that the more the Muse supplies me with ideas...the more I am confident in the voice I hear and the more I am able to follow that. Not everything will make it to the light of day but I have confidence in knowing that I have a resource within me and around me that I can call on. If we ignore this then our intuition and our creative spark diminish. It will take a little doing to bring it back. So take out the notepad and jot it down. Even if it's just a word.

The second most important thing is the act of doing. Anyone with inborn talent, or otherwise, will tell you that unless you do it it doesn't happen. Want to be able to understand the intuitive Voice? Want to be able to understand the values you're putting on the canvas? Then listen to the inner voice and make a note of it. You will soon determine which one is the critic and which one is the muse and the intuitive. I strongly believe that we are all born with an intuitive understanding of life but our society does a great job of corralling that and putting it aside. Being creative opens up that intuitive place in ourselves and, in all the time I have been teaching I have never once been asked a question that does not already couch the answer. It shows me that we already know what we want to know, we just don't have the confidence to believe it and often just need a little guidance in how to get there.

The third thing is that trust and patience come together.  You have to trust that you are on your path and have the patience for it to unfold. I've rushed as much as I possibly can to try to make things happen in my own time and have spent my time with my wheels spinning. I also trust that those times have brought me some of the greatest understandings in my life. I trust that I may never be the best - but that is not the point. Even the experts read other people's writing. We all have people in our lives that give us their insight and balance and are part of the path. It is a team effort even if we are locked away creating on your own. The muse is with us as are all those that help us shoulder our work.  Trust your voice. It's great to take advice from others and it's wonderful to have the insights, but I sit with them and let them find a place. It may not be for me to use at this time or ever, it may be there just to help me understand that my path is the right way to go.