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Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Isn’t it weird how things seem to go in a rhythm? There have been times when it seems everything is turned upside down and holding me in place. Like the year before I opened the studio - I couldn’t get a break. No one would hire me, few paint jobs called in, depression and no money. No forward movement. In fact, if I tried to make things happen I spilled my coffee, had trouble seeing oncoming vehicles and botched every painting I turned my hand to. It’s as if my job for that time was to slow the heck down and just be in the day. Just one at a time.

It still happens, but on a smaller scale.

“STOP trying to make things happen!” my 2am secretary screams at me.

“Humph!” I reply, mopping up the second cup.

I have long ago decided to get out of my own way as far as developing a business strategy, pushing things and making stuff happen. You may have noticed that it doesn’t stop me saying “Yes” “no” and “I can do that”. It just means that I don’t try and force it into something. The results are Waaaaay better than I had hoped and, I might say, less coffee on the ground.

I had decided last year that I would like to be able to go to visit my Mum and family in Perth if not yearly, then every other. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to teach while there? I contacted some wineries, breweries and art centres and had a positive response from most… but I had no idea how to pull it all together and, it was Christmas soon… so I tabled it until after the New Year. But, as per my non-business plan, I received a great email asking me to take part in a festival there in July. Hmmm. Ok. My mum’s birthday is mid-july/ Perfect! It’ll be the first one together in over 30 years! So, I re-contacted several other places and am getting a plan together. I think I’ll change the “it could happen” sound-bite to “it does happen”... Has a better ring to it.

So, if I have learned anything about how to keep my coffee in the cup it’s this - Stop being desperate about what I want. Want it. See it. Plan it. Act on it. And leave the INCOMING bounty and direction to show itself. Do the work and trust the results. It’s working for me. I just have my 2am secretary remind me from time to time to get out of my own way. I am still working on that! Cheers!