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Hawaii Island 2018

Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Kona, Hawaii.

What a gift! Six days of sunshine and monsoonal downpours, lava crusted earth and sandy beaches, birds calling and screeching, flowers folding and unfolding with the sun, the air holding in all the scents of sea and the “come hither” of floral calling cards. Hawaii is a quiet quilt of seduction; the kind that seems to languidly wrap itself around you until you finally realize your shoulders are a good inch lower than last week and you are driving a good 20 mile and hour slower. And then it’s time to go!

I hope to bring more than sand in my pants back with me. I do have the required macadamia nut treats and grandkid t-shirts, but I think that the best souvenir I will bring will be hard to wrap. It is the part I love most about Australia too… the mornings. It is when the earth releases her aroma of love for the day, when the tree oils permeate the air and the birds call out, fat and happy. It is the quiet time… before the day ahead unravels its plans.

The morning - th beginning. It is what I see in the Hawaii Island landscape. An island being formed right in front of us! Lava fields with primordial grasses and greenery pushing up from the cracks and softer spots. Volcanoes, sleeping under a wisp of cloud and shadows racing across black and green hillsides.

The Hilo side is lush and Jurassic. There is the sense that if we stand too long, we will be rooted to the earth and vines will cover us. We will lose the battle of holding it back from its voracious appetite to grow. To possess itself. Sure, there are the jewel like flowers and whale flipper size leaves to wonder at, but under it all, beneath the moss and the glint of raindrops just fallen lies the quiet, confident true owner of the island - eternally pushing upward.

What a gift to be here. To be reminded that we are all just a flutter, a tiny ant riding the elephant and believing we can make it do our bidding. It reminds me to make my plans and to release them even as I work toward them. And, that if I cannot stop and see what I am living in, love it and wonder at it as it allows me to ride atop, my shoulders will never settle down far enough for me to turn my head.