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Monday, June 25th 2108

Honestly, sometimes I get so locked in to my day to day stuff that I forget there are other options, like looking up! I think that is what time off and travel is for… keeping the bigger picture in mind… staying open to the possibility that I don’t have the whole answer to any one thing. The minute I do think I know it for sure, I am often reminded that there is another perspective, another way to go with things. I like that. It is something so easy to forget to allow in as I can keep up the bumper guards in my comfortable routine and struggle. My comfortable struggle.

When I travel, I get to leave all that behind because there is nothing I can do about much at all when I am somewhere else. All the somethings and somewhats will figure their some such out while I am away. Bills will get paid automatically, pets fed and garden watered and there will be a ripple in the routine. Meanwhile, I will push the curtain aside and step into other people’s somethings and somewhats and almost, but not quite, find a little room for me there. We soak up the new energy, the history of nations that grew too sure of their power and the places of peace that slip under the wire for centuries. We see our history and our place in the story of it all. Somewhere in all of this a new thought creeps in and a new possibility and, I am asked to consider it, pack it in my luggage and bring it home.

I think the more we do this, even if it is just to the park, to the next town, to our friend’s home, as long as we look up and see more than our rut, our routine, we see how big we really are and we can be open to possibilities because we are more than this space, this city, this country… we are part of a massively tiny part of history and a much, much bigger world. It’s a good thing to remember. Makes for bigger people.

I’m off to the Southern Hemisphere in a week. Looking forward to so many possibilities and stretching my world a little bit more. I’ll keep you posted!