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Thursday, February 16, 2017

There are days I am glad I don’t have to talk until I have had my coffee and wandered about in my bubble for a bit. I am sure if I did open my gob before the second cup I would be a screaming banshee, blowing my exasperation across the lawns of my neighbors and out into the potholes of the streets beyond. So, somedays I just smile and keep my lips firmly in place as I sort through what is important and what is not. Most days it is by cup number one and a lap of the living room, but somedays I resort to a full breakfast and a Tibetan chant before I am in balance.

Life is short. I know at times it feels a little repetitious and the story needs tweaking, but all in all, it’s pretty short. So, my goal for the latter part of what I have left is to balance the things I dream of doing with what I need to do to get there AND what I can do to help balance out the evil in the world. Now, I don’t have a cape or in fact any leotards, but I do think there is evil and there is good. It all comes down to intentions and, I believe we have an inner radar that tells us which is which… if we listen.

If my gut tells me “life is too short for this”, then I know it’s probably something I don’t need to invest too much of me in. So I listen and pull back. Sure enough, it generally works itself out or disappears. If my gut tells me “this person doesn’t mean you harm, but will harm you and yours to get theirs”, then I move along. If my gut tells me “this is more trouble than it’s worth”, then I navigate accordingly. Thankfully, my gut seems to be quite happy with the comings and goings of my daily life now that I actually do listen to it.

I wonder sometimes about what we are really listening to? What are the warning signs that we ignore? Are we waiting for the birds to stop singing and the world to quiet so we know of impending doom, or is it more personal? For me, the hair on my neck will literally tingle, my stomach feels vacuumed of air and I get that ‘niggling’ feeling about that something… something that just isn’t right, that someone just isn’t who they want me to think they are. Do I listen and act on this, or face the consequences of not?

I listened to a story about a reporter who had “felt something was off” and went to the hospital. They couldn’t find anything on initial checks but on his insistence, they did a Carotid scan and found he was right on the verge of a stroke. He had taken some precautionary aspirins on his way out the door. This is a guy who had saved his own life by tracking down that niggling feeling!

Now, I have found that the trouble with these ‘feelings’ is that rarely do they come with a direct answer. “Hey Chris, don’t worry about booking that flight as there will be an incredible discount coming in the next month that will save you thousands of dollars. Hold tight until the 24th”. It’s usually “hmmm, I just feel I shouldn’t book that flight just yet. I can’t imagine why. It’s just every time I go to the computer to do so, I get all weird inside and want to run away.” None-the-less, I have learned to heed these feelings and, so far, they haven’t steered me wrong. In fact, it is kind of fun to watch and see how events conspire to take care of things without me interfering!

Right after I identify the niggle, I address it and then all is quiet within. Yep, just like that. It’s solid and, even though I don’t know ‘why’ or ‘how’ yet, I know it ‘will’ and ‘is’ in order. That’s not to say it all ends happily ever after, but it means it is how it should be – which may be that I need to NOT help, or help more. Sometimes I act, sometimes I let it go (usually after I check and see if I am just being lazy or tired and don’t want to anyway). It simplifies life.

I think most prophets and wise men were talking about this when they spoke of “faith”, of “trusting” and of “surrender”. It can’t be done without “listening”. If I don’t take time to listen, I won’t arrive at “knowing”. Knowing I am true to my path, the plan, the divine order of things and, to fighting the fights, balancing the odds and eventually opening my gob at just the right moment.