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First storm of the season

Sunday October 24,2021

I slept solidly straight through the night, the kind of sleep that has me waking in the same position as I started out in. The kind of sleep that requires implicit trust in waking at all. None of this middle of the night ‘waking to check if all systems are still operational’ stuff, no shooing of ghosts down the hallway. Rain will do that. In this case, an ocean load being dumped in random blasts across the yard. No power, just the weather. It is the sort of day that the weather takes up all the space and changes everything.

The house is holding up nicely with it’s roof and windows taking the brunt of wind and rain and, with summer packed away in a timely manner, nothing is blowing off across the fence into the neighboring yards. So far.

Of course anyone under 12 years old has had to go outside and test the weather. They made sure that the rain was indeed as wet as it looked and that the wind was really the problem. She blew away for a while and, when I found her stuck on the fence, I pulled her down, she stomped her rainboots and remarked that there was indeed a storm in progress. Always check your facts.

The thing is, with a day like today, there is no time. Just none. Clocks stop and start again, which is nice, but of no particular use on a day like today. Every schedule is changed and, if possible, is deferred to a day where the weather will have less of a hold on things. So, it takes a while to make the transition from pyjamas to clothes and slippers to boots. In fact, most of that time is spent finding a reason to do so at all.

On days like today, with wind swirling like an angry ghost, trying all the doors and windows for a way inside, with the rain being carelessly foisted in such a way that there is no space between drops to run through, I find myself ready to prepare for the long winter ahead- Laura Ingalls Wilder style. I wonder if we’ll be snowed in this year Pappy. Best get the potatoes in the basement and the quilts down from the attic. I am without a basement or attic, and have no sewing skills, so writing it is!

I am starting to wonder how much I can achieve today from right here in this seat. Seems a smarter move than heading out to do errands. Last time I went all homesteading was through the Covid winter. I ended up with jars of pickles and more dried tomatoes than I will ever get time to use. I am sure I still have pepper jelly at the back of the fridge and not a few cook books that I have yet to pluck a recipe from. Even my feet relaxed during the Covid winter, never leaving slippers or UGG boots unless a written permit was sighted. Now, my shoes and boots feel a little tight as though the Covid weight, all gone from elsewhere, still remains across the girth of my feet. They are smug though, knowing that on a day like today, they may not need to shimmy into boots at all!

So I tip my hat at the weather. It is indeed all about you today and I am feeling fortunate to be able to watch you at work from my chair, in my slippers and without your ghosts.