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Corona Virus Sunday


Sunday May 3, 2020

The sun beckons me outside. The same sun that, in a few days will be intolerable and send me back inside when the morning slides spitting and sizzling into the afternoon heat. For now though, I will open myself to the late Spring warming my bones. 

With the Stay in Place order/suggestion still in place, we have begun the debate about who and how to start the machine back up. Do we need as much power as before? Do we ease it back a bit and see how we do without straining the seams? For me, though mindful of the seriousness of the pandemic we are in, I am hoping I have embraced some of what this has offered in balance. 

That we are only as safe and healthy as we keep each other.

That not everyone cares at the same frequency.

That I can do with less and can make use of what I have more.

That pauses are good; throughout the day and in life.

That I am getting to do many of the things I had complained about not having time to do before…( and how do I keep that balance going forward? )

That if nothing changes because of this, then it will be an epic human fail. Complacency and aversion to change choke the life out of Life. 

That there is a purpose to things that are deadly, rotten and unpleasant...usually an end to a cycle and the opportunity for new.

That some will embrace that and others will not.

That I am humbled and thrilled at the amazing people I am surrounded with and whom I love.

That watching a tomato grow from a yellow blossom to a heavy fruit is frickin awesome!

That finding hope and purpose in each day takes time, a deep breath and a change in expectation. Sometimes that may simply be planning what’s for dinner.

That even in conversations there are more pauses. Being at peace with that is because you are with those you love.

What we are left with each day is how do we nurture and who are we connecting with?

That birds sing in the trees whether we listen or not.

And That cinnamon rolls make waking up and starting the day a celebration.

There is no one other than ourselves that can make this pause the meantime I plan on checking my tomatoes and figuring out what’s for dinner. Enjoy your pause.