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March 16, 2020

Well, here we are at the crossroads. Not as bleak and barren as those in Stephen King’s “The Stand”, but certainly a moment where we are being asked to figure some of this out. I am not talking about the underbelly here; the who started it and why, the finger pointing and the eye rolling part; those tend to just flex the smaller digit and ocular muscles. I am talking about distancing ourselves from politics and the powers that be and THINKING for ourselves...not reacting - but yes to responding...yes to acting for the greater good and … as the massive swings continue to tear apart our rutted path, to shift priorities and move with them.

Did we stock up on plastic toys and decorations? Are the clothes we have going to do for a bit? Are we falling in love with the place we nest in? Are our families and friends who we think about before planning the day? Is the way we have structured our socio/political world clearer? Is it really still working for us? Are we hearing our voice? And… as my dear friend will tell you, those bumps on our backs are there to hold us up and so, we stand, because it is not what the governments will do for us, but what each of us is doing. It is our efforts that will bring the success.

It is all about change. The weather, the earth shaking her belly, roaring at us and, as in War of The Worlds, a miniscule, unseen sniffle holds up a sign as though in Tiananmen Square so that the world will hold its breath.