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Art, like life, is about more than getting through it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

There is something about the early morning sounds that make me smile. Not a bad way to start the day. Overhead, the helicopter on it’s way to the hospital ruffles the air, the hum of muffled traffic washes up like distant waves crashing against the shore and the grinding of the garbage truck as it pulls and pushes on its course are a comforting symphony until the birds wake up. I could be anywhere in the world when I hear the day start… until the birds wake up and remind me of their language.

The garbage truck takes me back to Vancouver, waking up to explore the city before heading out into the early snows across the top of Idaho. I felt like I was a part of the city as it started its day. Cafes throwing their doors wide, letting the “come hither” of coffee grinding escape into the streets. It could have been Paris, or Rome, or home.

Flying back from Australia this week recalled that same feeling … of being anywhere. There is no “real” time. It is a black hole of on-flight movies, stretching, in-chair calisthenics and letting time do its switch-back thing until we land. It could have been 26 hours or was it really 3? At the end, it doesn’t matter. When I wake, wherever I am, there are the familiar sounds and the new and, the day ahead. Yes, another one. Lucky me.

I am lucky because my work is about being mindful (try painting a painting without being present), it involves being aware and seeing- shapes, colour, texture and deciding why it is worth painting. My work (and life) surround me with like minded people eager to connect with their world and each other and to be reminded that it is about more … more than getting through it. I am lucky because I get to share that and because it lands softly (most of the time).

Art, like life, is about noticing.

Art, like life, is about more than getting through it.

Hmm, it’s still early, there’s the train calling as it hurtles through the town, dragging its own promise of adventure as it goes. It’s still early enough that the birds are quiet. I’ll grind some beans and work on my day while I wait for the birds to wake up.