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Acorns Raining Down

Acorns Raining Down

Acorns raining down.

My friend has a life where there seem to be things that start small and relentlessly continue. Small things that over time one adjusts to, but does not welcome. Much like a back ache that one simply changes one’s stance to relieve.

The acorn tree above his house is infinitely supplied with acorns this year. Every few minutes one or more bounce from the tree, tumble across the rooftop and somersault into the yard or onto the deck out back. You can hear them rattle and ping as they scatter across the roof and then; there is silence. The oak trees give a little as though stirring the air above the golf course as it wends through the hillside. It is peaceful to watch and so very hushed.

Then “ping!” Another acorn rattles its way to the floor.

Short of taking a chainsaw to the tree, it will simply be this way until they are done.

Across the street his renters ping and rattle in a different way. He knows they are what they are. They cannot rise above what they know and so, he is stuck with watching his good will and hard work tumble to the floor. Slowly… until it is done. They will come to an end and have to be moved to something else, much like the acorns, and then they will not be his problem anymore. In the meantime though, he has had to adjust and it is in doing that that he will position himself differently before the next acorn season!