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Vision tune up

Vision tune up

I am slowly starting to find my way back to my anchor. When all of this began ( which I must admit has been happening well before covid-19} I realized that I had lost the lens I viewed my world through. It wasn't that it was a rose colored, but it was a way for me to find some positive and to continue to believe that there was some small part of the world that was as I saw it. That there was magic. That there were people like myself who strove for Unity. It's a big word Unity. It holds everything together. Every. Single. Thing. 

But slowly that has unraveled and it seems on some days, that it is just spinning apart. But now I think I am accustomed to seeing without any lens at all. With really just seeing this all as it is. In the history of the world we reach this place we are at time and time again. We surge forward with so many new things; Technologies, cultural evolution, behavioral understanding and so on, but as people, as creatures, we remain the same. We are animals after all. We may have higher thoughts and obligations but our instincts remain as they have always been. 

We are definitely in a time of change and by no means a small one. Not only is there a physical change on the planet, whether you believe it is caused by one thing or another, the evidence is there. Things are changing. And not necessarily for the better. Our relationships with each other have changed. In some cases there is no going back. The pretense is no longer able to stand up to the light.

 It's not all bad. Many of us we have been able to discard a lot of things that are not serving us...That perhaps we were in fact ready to change. For me, I have been up and down as most of us have and I have to trust that I am here at this time in this place because I am supposed to be. And I have to trust that the next door that opens, the next space that I walk into will be correct as well as it has always been.. That trust, that belief has been lost to me for 6 months, but I can feel it coming back in and I am very happy about that. I have missed my old friend.