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staying sane in a time of derision.

  Saturday September 7th, 2020       )         I'm exhausted. I havde been trying to live more by my own spiritual beliefs and understanding of life as I've experienced it and not calling people stupid. It has been really hard.  As I water my plants in the morning I realize that the joy I get from doing that lasts as long as my second cup of coffee these days. Looking to the Future, I realize now I am truly faced with the existential dilemma of accepting being in the now and not projecting to what...

Vision tune up

I am slowly starting to find my way back to my anchor. When all of this began ( which I must admit has been happening well before covid-19} I realized that I had lost the lens I viewed my world through. It wasn't that it was a rose colored, but it was a way for me to find some positive and to continue to believe that there was some small part of the world that was as I saw it. That there was magic. That there were people like myself who strove for Unity. It's a big word Unity. It...

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Vision tune up